When Ken and I got married, it was with the understanding that someday we would get some kitties. Ken was NOT a cat person, but I didn't give him much choice. ;) I could not live the rest of my life without owning cats. He was safe for the first couple of years, but in 2000 we bought our first house. Four months later, we expanded our family to include two 11-week old kittens and we named them Cleo and Ramses.

We got them from the Humane Society where we volunteered to play with the cats and dogs. It was a hard choice as there were lots of kittens at that time. We knew we wanted two so they could play with each other, and I wasn't picky about color excapt that I didn't want an orange kitty. I had had many orange cats and wanted something different.

As we browsed around the different cages, one kitten stood out above all others. He was a little runt of a cat with white fur except for a little orange on his ears and tail. He had the most darling baby blue eyes, little pink nose, and was the biggest loudmouth of a cat I had ever heard! From the moment we walked in, he started meowing quite insistently until we went over to see him. Then he purred his little heart out and nuzzled and bit our fingers. :) When I took him out of the cage, he immediately crawled up on my shoulder, stuck his nose in my ear, and purred as only small kittens can! Then he chewed on my hair and bit my ear. :) How could I resist that little sweetheart?!

Cleo was a tougher choice. There were two litters mixed together in one large cage and we let their play group out to run around. Cleo was by far the most energetic and the most aggresive player of the bunch. I couldn't catch her at first as she was tearing around the room chasing her "siblings" but soon she tired out a little and I got to hold her for a few seconds. She seemed to like the attention and purred, but she was still more interested in playing. I loved her brown tabby markings and her beautiful amber eyes.

After a heart-wrenching decision (I wanted them all!!) we told the gal on duty that we were interested in those two. We had already filled out our application and been approved. We brought both kittens into a small private room to see if they could get along well together. I should've seen the signs then.....Ramses insisted on being held non-stop and Cleo did nothing but prowl the room, sticking her nose into every little nook and cranny! But they didn't seem to show any animosity towards each other so we made the final preparations. This was on a Wed. or Thurs. and we had to get things ready at home, so we told them we would pick them up Saturday morning. We had no carriers, litter boxes, or anything.

I just could not WAIT to see my babies again and bring them home! Saturday morning early we went back to the Humane Society, kitty carriers in hand, to bring home our little ones. It just so happened that they were holding their annual Santa Paws fundraiser that day so we got their pictures taken with Santa on their adoption day!


It was not easy getting them to both look up at the same time, but there was a helper with a toy fishing pole that was able get their attention. :) We then took our little darlings home and made them comfy in the downstairs bathroom for the first few days. I wanted to get them used to use and each other before giving them the run of the downstairs.

Cleo and Ramses Pictures

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