We adopted Tristan in early 1991 when he was around 4 months old. He was the Pet of the Week in the paper and Mom just couldn't resist him. :) Both of our indoor/outdoor cats had died that past year (one of kitty AIDS and one was poisoned by our neighbor who gave him antifreeze). It was time to have another kitty in the house!

I gave George to Mom as a birthday present 5 1/2 years later. We conspired behind Dad's back to get another kitty because we knew he'd be against it, but we also knew once he was the kitty, he'd love him and be glad to have him.

Poor George was at a local animal hospital. He had been adopted from the same place years before by someone who had cancer. She made them promise that if anything happened to her, they'd take him back and find a good, loving home for him. Unfortunately she passed away and George was left without a family. I picked him up on a hot June day in my crappy car with no air conditioning. I felt awful about the miserable ride down (I put a towel over the window to keep out the sun) and he cried the entire time. It was so doggone hot I felt like crying too! But we made it and I presented him to Mom. As expected, Dad had a couple choice words about it, but once he held George, he was all mush. ;) Now George is Dad's buddy and he dotes on him. :) The picture of Dad holding George and he and Tristan fighting were from the day I brought him down.

    Tristan and George Pictures 

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